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Am I being clingy

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2022.01.21 17:02 Case4485 Am I being clingy

So I (21m) just got into a relationship with a very beautiful woman (20f).
We started out as a hookup but then got to talking more and she said she was feeling me. Before we made it official, we got distant from each other for a few days and she got taken on a date by someone else. I told her I thought I was being played and she said I never asked her out and that she could do whatever she wanted if she wasn’t in a relationship.
She was right. So I asked her out and now we’re together. Only been a few days. The thing is, last 2 times I’ve tried to see her, she said she was busy or something else came up. I understand so I didn’t press it but the thing is, she’ll go 12-13 hours without texting me. She isn’t as lovey dovey as she was before, and sometimes she’ll be active on snap without texting me back. (She shares her location with me on snap, her choice not mine).
Am I being clingy by feeling anxious about her not texting me back for hours at a time? I really like this girl and wanna be with her so I don’t want to screw it up.
I don’t want to blow her phone up or anything but also don’t want to make it seem like I’m losing interest.
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2022.01.21 17:02 PepperAntique Wait, is this just GATE? (69/?)

Previous / First
Writer's note: No pancakes today. I know that's what y'all expect given which chapter this is. But I've said it before, and I'm saying it now. I have no plan, I begin typing and let the story develop from there. They are on their way though. In short, sorry-not-sorry.
Now enjoy some wholesome cheeseburgers.
James sat down in the chair in his room and pressed the palms of his hands into his eyes as he slumped down as low as he could get, legs splaying outward. He groaned, long and loud. Amina sat down on the corner of his bed a few feet away. She was doing what she could to keep her emotions off of her face as she stared at the ground.
They'd just returned from a rather long, rather hot tempered, berating from her father.
Finally James broke the silence as he stared up at the ceiling.
"Betrothed?" He asked, still taken aback at the suddenness with which his life had just been flipped upside down......again. "We're betrothed?"
"I'm sorry." Amina said meekly as she fiddled with the edge a piece of her armor. "I should have known he might do something like this."
"But betrothed?" James asked again. "We just started dating like, a week ago." He sat up and looked at her. "And now we're betrothed?" He slumped back down. "Oh god. My mom's gonna kill me. How do we just..... immediately jump to that step?"
"Sorry." She said again. "Are you mad?" She asked with a hint of sadness.
James heard the upset in her voice. He sighed. Then he got up and went over to sit next to her. He took her hand.
"No." He said after a few moments. "No I'm not mad. This.... it's just a lot."
She leaned her head into his shoulder. "Sorry." She said one last time.
He leaned back into her. "Quit saying sorry. It's not your fault." He sighed again. "I should've known something like this might happen when I got involved with a princess."
They sat like that for a while. But each of them had duties to get to for the rest of the day, what little there was. Plus Amina would be joining James and Kela for dinner.
The king had been incredibly upset at the two of them after Amina's outburst. James had simply turned back to face the king with an incredibly forced smile on his face. The king had simply glared daggers at both of them before pacing back to the desk at the front of the room.
When he'd gotten there he'd gestured at the two chairs in front of it, then he'd sat down at the main chair behind it. James had pulled Amina's chair out for her, he figured he should probably do things properly given the situation, then he sat down as well.
He'd felt like he was back in elementary school getting scolded by the principal. Looking to his side, he could see that Amina had been just as nervous as he had been.
The king had addressed James first.
"Specialist Choi, I need to be honest with you for a moment." He'd said.
James had nodded. "Yes sir?"
The king had sat for a moment, staring at him, thinking about what he'd wanted. "Mr. Choi..... James." He began. "I have to admit something to you." He took a deep breath. "After your duel with my son. I was.... awestruck at what your weapon was capable of. I was also deeply concerned about what it meant that a man such as yourself." He gestured at James. "A man who admitted that he wasn't even a terribly exceptional example of his people's military. But the fact that you could defeat my son so capably concerned me James."
"Understandable. Sir." James agreed.
"So I tasked Amina with getting more information from you." The king admitted. "And about your weapons. Using whatever tactics she saw fit."
"I know sir." James admitted. "She's told me as much."
At that the king glanced at his daughter. "Has she now?" Amina looked away.
"Yes sir." James answered. He looked at Amina too."And I willingly went along with it. If I'm honest, it was pretty obvious what she was doing. But also...." He thought for a moment. "Well, let's just say that as much as I love my country... and the Army. I'm not dumb enough to think that they're what you'd call 'NICE' people. Not at the government level anyways."
"Yes. She passed your warning on to me." The king replied. "Still. I want to hear it from you two, here and now, that this is an honest and real thing." He pointed at both of them. "No trickery. And I sure as hell hope that this isn't just two young folk gettin all hot and bothered because they were in a battle together. It can make the blood run hot."
Amina answered first. "Well I wasn't even in the battle really." She started. "But also, I..... I have seen James at.... I think... his emotional extremes. I've also seen what he can do when he's hard pressed for options." She thought for a moment. "And I liked what I saw, or heard of in the case of the battle. And I like that he can immediately return to being himself afterwards." She looked down at her lap. "He's impressed me. A lot." She paused again. "I'd like to see more of what he's capable of. Who he is."
James was dumbfounded. He and Amina had had several heart to heart talks over the past few weeks. But now that he'd heard that he realized that he'd never heard her say anything like that to him. He felt foolish for not having asked her how she felt.
He held his hand out. She looked at it for a moment, and then took it. Then she looked back up at her father.
The king was staring at his daughter. James got the notion that he was trying very hard to keep his emotions in check. Then he turned to look at James.
"And you?"
James didn't really know what to say. How could he even follow up what Amina had just said about him.
"I..." He began. he looked at Amina for a moment, she was watching him eagerly. Then he turned back to the king. "I honestly don't know what to say. Princess Amina just kind of... well she blew my mind a bit there." He admitted. "I... I don't know why I care so much for Amina. I think I could sit her all day and list off things I like about her. But I don't think I could say anything quite as.... poignant as what she just said about me. I'm not that kind of guy." He looked at her again. "But I think I have also seen her at her extremes. All I know is that I don't want to lose her." Then he added. "Ever."
The king's shoulders slumped again as he rolled his eyes and sighed.
"Gods dammit." He said as he got up and began walking to the door. "Fine. I suppose I don't have a choice but to allow-" He gestured at the two of them. "this. But there's going to have to be rules. You're a bloody princess in the royal family!" He exclaimed while pointing at Amina. Then he pointed at James. "And you're a foreign dignitary. In function if not title. So we have to do this according to custom." He grabbed the door handle and opened the door. Kela and a servant were standing outside waiting for them. The king looked at them, irritation plain on his face. "From this point on you two are betrothed to each other! That way I can at least pretend It was my bloody idea." He said in a tone that wouldn't allow questioning. He faced the servant. "You didn't hear that last bit." He said. The servant just nodded their head eagerly. When the king looked at Kela she simply nodded.
Then he walked out and slammed the door behind himself. Leaving the couple to sit there together. James stared at the door, eyes wide, as the gravity of what the king had just said set in.
"What?" he asked. Then he turned to Amina. "What!?"
After attempting to get over the initial shock of the King's verdict James had needed to show his magic to the people back home. He'd been ordered to document it with his phone and send it to them as soon as he could, as well as in depth descriptions of how he performed the magic.
So he'd gone out to the training yard where there was a bit of space.
On his way there he'd payed a visit to Kraug. The massive orc enveloped him in a bear hug that had left James's bones aching a bit as he struggled to breath. Kraug congratulated him on his victory over the grabbers, and his betrothal to Amina.
James had been incredulous at Kraug's knowledge of that. Kraug had simply shrugged and told James that word travels fastest via gossip. James just sighed and acknowledged that was true in his world too. Loose lips sink ships. He thought.
Kraug helped him set up a few dummies in a clear area, away from the training soldiers. Then James set up his phone to record from on top of a small crate. Kraug stayed to watch, excited to see the young soldier use battle magic.
James showed the wind magic first. He started with a few light gusts that ruffled the burlap sacks that the dummies wore. Then he used a slice to cut the arms and head off of one, before using what he was beginning to think of as his "Pneumatic Punch" to burst a hole through its chest.
Then he turned to the remaining dummy. He used a few earth columns to batter it a few times. Then he used the magic to make it move along the ground like he had when filling in Steve and Xhalya's den a few days before. He slid it back and forward a few times, then spun it around rapidly causing the wooden shield to fly off of its arm. Then for the grand finale he used the column spell to send the dummy flying into the air. It flipped about twenty or so, then as it fell down another column intercepted it, hitting it in the chest and breaking it in half.
He was very happy that it had gone how he had pictured it going. Especially since he hadn't practiced that particular combo before.
Kraug had clapped him on the shoulder as he walked back to the phone, congratulating him on his magic. Then James picked up his phone and spoke into the camera. He told them about the things he had to visualize and focus on in order to make the magic work. He also admitted that he'd only had the breakthrough with the wind magic while under duress.
Lastly he showed them the knew magic that Veliry had got him working on. He held his hand up in front of the phone's camera. He focused for a few seconds, rubbing his fingers together, then after a bit of effort a few sparks burst forth. To him they reminded him of the sparks an empty lighter made when you tried to light a cigarette. Fitting since he was working on fire magic. He was close, but he had to go slow with this one, Veliry had warned him that it was easy to lose control of fire magic so she'd emphasized caution.
He signed off and hit the stop recording button on the phone. Then he sent it to the Colonel.
Before he left James unwound the chain from around his chest and asked Kraug if he could do anything to make it a better weapon for him. Kraug looked at it curiously for a moment, asking if James was sure he wanted to use it as a weapon. James explained how he'd gotten it, and the fact that Artair had suggested it for when he was riding Steve. Kraug shrugged and promised to do what he could. But there was only so much he could do with a chain. James was more than happy with that. He could do the rest once he got it back.
James did everything in his power not to think of how much his world had just changed, again, while he, Amina, and Kela walked through the city towards Kela's house. It wasn't an easy task, especially with Amina's arm in his as they walked.
They'd stopped by one of the grocers on the way and picked up a few things that James had thought of to complete the meal. Kela had already been to see Jurl to ensure that the rest of the ingredients. But James had forgotten some of the finishing touches. They'd also stopped at one of the toy stores so Kela could get some things for Mela and Tilo. She'd emerged with a stuffed drake and a small bow with a few padded arrows. James could already imagine Mela running around shooting him with the latter.
As they approached James steeled himself for the incoming attack that he knew was coming. He was pleasantly surprised to see the two children running straight for Amina instead of him.
"AUNTY MINA!!!" Tilo yelled as he approached. His sister echoed him. The two children charged Amina, who caught them both eagerly, lifting them up into a big hug.
"Oh!. Look at you two pups!" She yelled. "Gods be great if you get any bigger I'll need to bring Kraug along to lift you up."
James was happy to see that, like their mother, they were effectively human right now. Their fur had faded away to almost nothing, the only hints remaining being around their ears. The ears themselves had dropped down to an almost human level on the sides of their heads, though they were still somewhat pointed. Their teeth were the flat omnivorous teeth of normal people. Their legs were still semi-lupine in shape, but their feet were wider and flatter.
In short; you could see hints of the wolf, but from a distance the children would look as human as any other kids. James was also surprised to find that Tilo was actually a ginger. He had a mop of wavy red hair and freckles all over his face. Mela on the other hand would almost definitely look like her mother when she grew up, James could already see that much.
Jurl walked up behind the two children and embraced Kela in a hug. If it hadn't been for the ears and legs, James thought he would have been right at home teaching a college course. He had a scruffy beard and a pair of black rimmed spectacles resting on his nose. He smiled as he turned to greet James and Amina.
"It's so good to see everyone again." He said as he shook James's hand. "We were so worried when we got word of what had happened. I'm so glad everyone ended up being alright."
Amina hugged him as she transferred the kids to his arms. "It's great to see you Jurl. It's been too long."
Jurl hugged her back and then gestured to her eye. "Sorry to hear about the eye. How are you doing?" He asked.
She shook her head a bit. "It's still useless. But I'm getting used to it." She leaned in and jabbed Mela in the belly. "I can still kick Arty's butt." She said with a grin.
"Come come. Let's go inside. I'm curious about this recipe James has for us." He said as he began leading them inside. Kela took Tilo from him and began tickling the little ginger were-pup. "Besides." Jurl continued. "We have to celebrate you two's betrothal." He said.
James just held his arms up in a 'Oh, come on!' gesture.
"How does everybody know about that already?" He asked.
"Oh come now James." Jurl countered. "People have ears and lips. That's all it takes. Now tell me. What is a 'Cheez-berger'?"
He followed them inside, Amina smiling as she took his hand. "Only god's gift to people's taste-buds." he said as he walked through the door. "I also brought the stuff to make some of the sauces for them." He added as he closed the door behind him.
Despite the previous stresses of the day, James was looking forward to this dinner. He felt like the weights on his shoulders had been shifted around a bit. He wasn't sure if they were gonna be better or worse. But he had a feeling that a cheeseburger could give him the answers. He was at least willing to find out.
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If i will ever use one of those can somebody help me and tell me how i need to act to not get banned?
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Do not sell medications.
Now all comments or posts that mention having medications for the community but do not also specify that these medications are for donation will be removed.
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2022.01.21 17:02 beqoscheckra1n 19 lost 1.5k in 1 day.

I knew that I was addicted and this happened to me once already but with "only" $500. I had no job for nearly a year now, I just started working again. I got my loan and the first thing I thought about is to buy some crypto for $30 and gamble a bit. I lost it and I put in $50 more I lost it again and I doubled and doubled till I got to a loss of 1.5k that was all the money I had, and I worked for for nearly a whole month. I'm so stupid.
It sounds dumb, but reading stuff like this really helped me because I knew I'm not the only one who fucked up like this.
I'm glad this happened so early in my life, I learned from it and I will never do it again.
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2022.01.21 17:02 sheikhyerbouti While parking at a cinema, Jerry gets into an argument with a woman who's standing in an empty spot to "reserve" it. The local PUA community overhears George's strategy for breaking up with his gf and he is hailed as their new king.

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I applied through solus. Will I get updates by email? Is there anything else I should do? Will it be in person this time?
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Contact: Telegram / Discord Channel / DM

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** If you need something that is not on the above list, please let me know and I might have them for you!
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Hey, I wanna try out Accent Core before paying for it so I wanna play it on Fightcade. How do I set up the game? Please help me I've been trying for quite some time now.
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I'm going to finish daredevil season 1 soon and am wondering if there are any other Netflix shows I should watch before season 2 to better understand it. Like if some other Netflix hero like Jessica Jones, Luke cage, iron fist or the punisher are in season 2 that I should watch their show(s) first.
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Hi all! I am scheduled to go to an appointment at the high risk center (I'm FTM over 35, etc.). I have a lot of medical anxiety and it helps for me to know what's happening ahead of time, so I asked the lady on the phone what they would do and she said she didn't know, but that it was a long appointment (1 hour). She said they would explain the procedure before they did anything once I got there. I'm honestly kinda terrified. Can anyone please shed some light on this? Thanks!
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