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2022.01.21 18:21 Squelseaa 💅🌌🪐⭐✨🌌

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2022.01.21 18:21 GDubbins Seriously, what has to happen to get rid of crossplay? I can’t get in a game unless I enable it. I know that not all PC players cheat, but I just don’t want to have to worry about it.

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2022.01.21 18:21 TechIoT A friend gave me this "Dead" Dell XPS L702X, turns out all it needed was a really good clean and a repaste.. No more GPU artifacts, an awesome addition to the collection

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2022.01.21 18:21 polarisPROJECT Kudos to Egosoft

I just want to say thank you to Egosoft for for continuously releasing updates and new material for X4: Foundations. 5.0 beta looks amazing. Keep up the great work.
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2022.01.21 18:21 Arnadus [MASS] Massnet. Price ↘ -11.12% in 5 minutes

[MASS] Massnet. Price ↘ -11.12% in 5 minutes Discovered by TOP_2000_15_MIN_DOWN submitted by Arnadus to cryptopricesalerts [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 18:21 amonaroll Is it wrong to be bisexual but identify as gay?

I don’t feel comfortable saying I’m bi because of biphobia. Plus I have a much stronger preference for people of the same gender. Is it wrong of me to label myself as gay? It’s what I feel most comfortable with even if it’s not totally accurate
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2022.01.21 18:21 Healthy_Criticism11 H: 7k Caps W: Camo backpack plan

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2022.01.21 18:21 foreverscared32 More steps ?

I am in late teens and use
Should I add more steps ? I have tiny bumps or rahes across my forehead , don't know what from ...
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2022.01.21 18:21 andrew10069 the truth has been spoken

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2022.01.21 18:21 PlayboiCarsi doom dolla (That's That Remix)

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2022.01.21 18:21 Ashamed_Trick_3335 Genesect 6384 8910 7048

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2022.01.21 18:21 MathPopular4296 CS70

How difficult if cs70, given that you are not looking to declare CS? How hard is it to pass?
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2022.01.21 18:21 Ev3ry7h1ngIsPossible Please help, the game keep crashing

I hope you can help.
GTA worked fine till I changed settings to make it smoother.
I believe the game settings don't affect the problem but the drivers.
I deleted my previous Nvidia drivers and installed new ones that are up to date but I think it's the problem.
I tried everything and nothing works.
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2022.01.21 18:21 BynJohn Is there any way to get SMS notifications when Internet at our office goes off?

Hi folks,

I'm an IT support at a small business company. Recently we had some internet outage issues at our office. Sometimes due to ISP issue and sometimes it's firewall issue (still investigating why it happened). I was thinking if we had n SMS alert system for Internet outages it'd save us a lot of headaches since we can do a lot of stuff proactively - like telling users to WFH for a day, etc..

My office servers have no public-facing elements, users have to turn ON VPN to access everything.
I found a few solutions but couldn't figure out which one's good for my office setup -
Uptimerobot - From what I read, this service needs a public-facing IP to ping check. We don't have any atm.
Nagios Core - Run internally but couldn't find enough data if it's actually what I am looking for.
Solarwind Orion/PRTG - Looks like what we're looking for but very expensive.

Do you guys have any setup to notify you of any server or Internet outage?
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2022.01.21 18:21 golangprojects Remote Golang job: Senior Backend Engineer (100% remote, Americas time zones only) at Plexy (San Francisco, California, United States) | Salary: $100,000-135,000 + equity

Remote Golang job: Senior Backend Engineer (100% remote, Americas time zones only) at Plexy (San Francisco, California, United States) | Salary: $100,000-135,000 + equity submitted by golangprojects to remotegolang [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 18:21 morta-gr00ves too scared to function

hey y’all ftm here. i just found im pregnant on the 12th. im approximately 4w3d and im so scared i cant cope. this is the best thing thats ever happened to me, my boyfriend and i have been trying since september last year. my 8 week appointment isnt until feb 15th. im so afraid that something bad is going to happen. i keep having nightmares about the appointment and I CANT DEAL WITH IT. if someone can give me some ideas of how to get out of my head, please tell me.
i am having symptoms already though, bad morning sickness, tender breasts, and mild cramping here and there. i guess im just afraid im not actually pregnant or something. ughhhh.
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2022.01.21 18:21 KillTheBat77 My CAW in 2k19 and Fire Pro.

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2022.01.21 18:21 Crafty_Bad_1919 Years Angel 911 @anniangel911

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2022.01.21 18:21 BlisseyBuster First week with SX. What’s amazing and what’s frustrating.

It’s been a week since I’ve jailbroken my iPhone XR still running IOS 13.6. Here’s a summary of what I find amazing and what I find frustrating.
AmazingThis thing is like a Gotcha on steroids and it doesn’t disconnect after one hour This is the feature that separates SX from other tools. Ever see Pier 39 on Community Day? I watched SX clear every spawn there and spin the stops in about 10 seconds. It also can be configured to auto transfer caught pokemon unless it’s shiny, over 90 iv, or the best iv currently in your collection. Also configurable to clear your item bag when they pass specified limits. Unlike the Go Plus that only throws red pokeballs in a straight throw, SX can do excellent and curve and will use whatever pokeballs you have starting with the weakest ones first. Over Spheal CD weekend when there was a 3x XP catch bonus, it was easy to pick up 30 million XP because of the bonus for excellent throws. • This thing runs in the background Just like a Go Plus or Gotcha will keep running while you put your phone to sleep. Except this will not disconnect after 60 minutes. • Web based dashboard to control things At first I found this annoying but it’s handy if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. I can easily copy and paste coords for hundos from the NYC pokemap over to SX and then open my phone to catch it. • Shiny- only catch mode You can enable catching only for shinies. Saves pokeballs if you only want the shiny catches. Will be a godsend for the Johto Tour and shiny unown from incense. Just load up the incense timer and shut the phone screen off and it will shiny hunt for you. VIP subscription allows you to specify which pokemon you want to catch. • Automatically does Rocket battles I haven’t tried it yet but a VIP subscription will allow you to have SX automatically perform and capture rocket battles for you.
FrustratingLacks GPX or any way to create good routes The only way to walk a route is teleport somewhere then go into settings on the Web Dashboard and turn on auto walk. At that point, SX will look at nearby pokestops and attempt to create a route that will take 7 minutes using your current speed. You have no control over how that route is laid out and my doesn’t make sense to me yet why it chooses the routes it does. • It’s bot fast and makes me feel like I’m an easy target for a strike It’s cool to watch Pier 39 cleared out in 10 seconds but it concerns me that this makes SX an easy target for detection should Niantic ever set it sights on busting us. Hopefully the SX dev will give us a way to slow it down to a more normal, human like rate. • Easy to unintentionally catch or spin and trigger cooldown I’m used to other spoofing tools that don’t do anything until you do something to initiate an action like telling it to start catching or telling it to dump excess items. With SX, it’s automatic based on the settings in your dashboard. Several times I’ve opened Pogo in the morning only it have it start catching in the last location I was at. It’s a learning curve. Also, with it always running in the background, you have to remember to force close Pogo when you want to stop playing. • No mobile version of Web Dashboard It’s cumbersome having to use the dashboard website on your phone when there isn’t a mobile version. There are no ways to control your spoofing in pogo (except for the joystick) without using the web dashboard. It’s my understand that the web dashboard will be transitioning to an in game control panel in the near future. • No easy way to turn SX off You can’t flip a switch to turn SX off. You can turn off spoofing in the dashboard but SX is still running and scanning your surroundings. The only way to turn it off is to go into Cydia (or whatever you’re using) and uninstall SX then reinstall it when you want to use it again. There are likely jailbreak apps that allow me to disable tweaks but I need to figure that out yet.
Overall an amazing spoofing tool but still needs to mature more. I also use the iPogo jailbreak tweak for playing when it’s not about spinning and catching.
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2022.01.21 18:21 Chippy_Choppy2 Locking in mortgage rate without having offer accepted ?

Been looking to buy a house but not enough stock at the moment. I think BoE will definitely raise rates multiple times this year and am keen to lock in a low rate.
I'd expect to find and complete on a house by April (assuming I find something by end Jan) and was wondering if I can still lock in a mortgage rate without having an offer accepted.
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2022.01.21 18:21 spirit_wondering 3 weeks after Moderna booster, still experiencing fatigue (32 F)

All three vaccines I received have been Moderna with relatively few side effects from the first 2. Overall, I felt fine after about 5 days (except some changes to my menstrual cycle) after that initial series.
The booster has been a different story. It’s been just over 3 weeks and I’m still not able to make it through a day without napping for about 2-3 hours and get a bit winded when walking distances over 1 mile or using stairs which has been quite disruptive to my life.
I’m a relatively healthy 32 F(I do have migraines and anxiety both of which I manage with prescription medication). I’ve never tested positive for covid or experienced symptoms of it.
I’ve not been able to find much about others having this experience and am looking for any research, quality news articles, or advice from others who may have experienced this about what has helped them overcome their fatigue.
Much appreciated!
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2022.01.21 18:21 ikindalikechocolate I’m not a big fan of Sublime, but I found this in the closet in my new apartment. Any idea what it is?

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2022.01.21 18:21 ucnkissmybarbie Revolving Door of 1:1 Coaches?

Has anyone else gone through multiple 1:1 coaches? I'm on my 3rd and now SHE'S leaving too! I'm so tired of getting a coach caught up and finally comfortable with them just to have them leave. And you can't turn the feature off. I just have to tell my new one that I'm not interested.
I really value the information and encouragement but I'm getting burnt out on starting over repeatedly. Is this a typical thing? Have you gone through coaches as well?
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2022.01.21 18:21 thedowcast It was guaranteed right here on Reddit that the market would drop between October 24, 2021 and January 24, 2022

It was predicted right here on Reddit that the market would drop between October 24, 2021 and January 24, 2022. January 24th is Monday and is the last day of this prediction time-frame. This prediction was actually stated to be a fact well in advance. Here is proof https://www.reddit.com/astrofinance/comments/qab66z/the_book_the_mars_hypothesis_hypothesizes_that/
There is actually proof all over reddit
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2022.01.21 18:21 Sfreeman1 A beautiful afternoon on the shores of Lake Huron.

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