#1 Offense but Caruso needs to save our Defense

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2022.01.21 17:45 punnynfunny Between Worlds: Denied Operations Chapter 36

Chapter Thirty-Six
“Fuck,” sighed Adam as he flopped, bruised, onto the bed in his room. Slip had given him the run-around in the ring for the past two hours, and he was now waiting for the judiciously-applied bruise cream to do its job.
“Fuckin’ hell,” he muttered as he closed his eyes. “Really need to get that girl laid…”
A soft chuckle from his right let him know that in point of fact, he was not alone in his room. He opened his right eye and looked in the direction of the noise to find Classy seated in the study desk chair with a large box on her lap, grinning bemusedly.
“Who’s getting laid?” She asked, grin widening.
“Agh - fuck. Slip really did a number on me in the ring. I think she’s a bit pissed at how she hasn’t had a turn yet.”
“While I understand how she feels, I’m sure she’ll be fine in the long run,” she replied dismissively.
“Tell that to my ribs,” Adam returned with a chuckle, lying his head back on the pillow.
“Your ribs should be fine by this evening, yes?” She inquired, laughter evident in her tone. “Otherwise this lovely gift I have for you would have to wait until the next time my family drags me to some Turox-shit gala.”
Adam’s eyes shot open, his natural curiosity piqued by the offer of a gift. He sat up with a groan and turned his legs off the side of the bed to face her, quirking a brow as he sat pensively.
“Well?” He asked, holding his hands up in a questioning gesture.
“Oh, so you will be well enough to join me tonight?” She asked in a mocking tone. “I was afraid I’d have to announce our engagement by myself.”
“Yeah, I’m good to go, now what is it?” He pleaded as she bit her lip to hold back her ever widening smile.
“Go shower, I’ll leave it on the bed for when you get back,” she said with a chuckle, pointing to the attached bathroom.
“God fucking damnit, Yn’dee,” he chortled as he rose to his feet and walked to the bathroom, stripping out of his issued PT top in full view of Classy.
“Rude,” she muttered as he closed the door behind him.
* * *
Adam returned from his longer-than-normal shower to find something he did not expect lying on the bed.
“The fuck?” He asked no one as he strode up to bed, where an outfit consisting of a silver conquistador style helmet with gold trim, a puffy shirt with purple and white strips of fabric sewn to the sleeves and torso, atop a deep blue undershirt. A large leather belt with several pouches varying in size sat in the middle, and that was followed by pants that matched the shirt, a long greave that reached the upper thigh, and polished black boots.
He was disappointed to find that the helm, greaves, and gauntlets were a very dense canvas instead of actual steel, but it still looked… interesting to say the least.
After spending a few minutes to figure out how everything fit together, he finally got the floofy number on properly. After checking himself out in the mirror several times, he headed down the hall to Classy’s room.
The unit had all been issued separate rooms, but Adam’s room had suspiciously been prepared with a massive bed, at least compared to the ones in everyone else’s rooms.
He knocked on Yn’dara’s door, and heard the footsteps from the other side before it opened to reveal the mountain of a woman, dressed in a similar outfit to his.
Hers had deep blue strands of fabric atop a golden undershirt and pants, a purple sash adorning her waist atop several belts. The primary difference between her outfit and his was the headpiece. Where his was a conquistador style helmet - he didn’t actually know the name - hers was a puffy number of the same blue and gold fabric, sat slightly canted on her head like a beret.
She looked absolutely gorgeous, causing Adam to stare dumbly up at her with a slack jaw and wide eyes. She grinned down at him, her tucked maw parting as she softly cupped his jaw and leaned down to kiss him.
Breaking the kiss after a few seconds, she stepped back and did a small spin with her arms out to the side.
“What do you think?” She asked, grinning widely as she finished her spin.
“I… holy shit you look good!” He exclaimed, running his gaze up and down her body, the puffy outfit belying the curves underneath. Adam refocused on her eyes, now giving him a knowing grin, “what made you choose the outfits?”
“Well, when I was on your world, I spent quite a bit of my time studying your military history, in the hopes of gaining a tactical advantage over your tacticians,” she said, gesturing for him to walk deeper into her room, “in doing so, I found a style of fighters from several hundred years ago called ‘landsknecht’ and I instantly fell in love with the aesthetic.”
“Fair enough, but why this for a party? Why not a tuxedo or something?”
“Ah, right, our customs among the nobility are slightly different than your world. It’s traditional to wear stylized military uniforms, both of the Shil’vati, and our member states. Hence, I had these commissioned and tailored as soon as we made the decision for our engagement.” She sighed and shrugged, “as much as I wanted to see you play dress-up, I knew my family would eventually call me for something like this.”
“Well they look damned good. I feel like I just walked right out of a renaissance painting!” He happily replied.
“I’m glad you like them, but unfortunately the time for fawning over each other is gone. We need to get in the towncar my mother sent, apparently it's outside,” she said, looking at the Shil’vati equivalent of a smartwatch on her wrist.
“We best get goin’ then,” said Adam, extending a hand to the door. The pair walked through the halls of the manor in companionable silence, getting the occasional compliment from staff that meandered the halls, along with the usual hungry glances from the house guardswomen, which Adam now tuned out.
If he had to guess although, his outfit made the curious gazes from them longer and harder than usual. In the atrium, Adam walked to open the primary door to the manse, when a voice rang out behind him.
“By the stars! Adam, you look sexy today!”
“Heh, thanks Sel!” He called back over his shoulder, meeting the woman’s gaze, grinning from the above banister.
“Remind me to take you somewhere fancy, 'specially if it means you getting all pretty for me like that!” She called as he chuckled and exited the door with Classy.
“So uh, I think your outfit choice is a hit,” Adam said softly to his partner.
“Seems like it, I’d imagine you’ll be a hit at the party too, I doubt many have seen a human before, let alone gotten the chance to talk to one.” She sighed audibly as they walked through the gardens in front of the house. “Adam, we’re walking into the grinshaw’s lair right now. The political pressure at the top is very much its own kind of battlefield, and while we’re thankfully both far removed from the usual political wiles of my family, I don't expect this to go smoothly,”
“Hey, it’s gonna be alright,” he said, patting her gently on her broad shoulders, “If I can handle four years of Regiment, three fighting you guys, and Deathshead selection, I can handle anything your family throws at me.”
“Don’t take this lightly,” she said in a deeply serious tone, turning her head and ensnaring him with her honey-colored pools set in black sclera, “My family will be looking for weakness in any way. In our relationship, in you as a person, and in me. I’m sorry to put you through this.”
“Hey, I don’t know royalty, but I’ll back your play a hundred percent.”
“Good, ah! There’s the car!” She said gesturing to an incredibly fancy looking vehicle parked out front with no less than three guards standing beside it in decorated marine armor.
“Shit, sent the cavalry for us, didn’t they?” Adam quietly asked.
“Well, with the Duchesses… situation, I’d imagine my family can’t be too careful with us not being in our usual attire,” she replied with a smirk.
“Eh, I’ve fought for years without the full suit, hell I’ve even fought with no armor before, just a chest rig.”
“Well do you have a HS-C9 stashed in that lovely outfit somewhere that I can’t see?” She asked in a lighthearted tone.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?”
Once they approached the vehicle, a guard in the lead stepped forward, snapping a salute to Classy.
“Princess Yn’dara, I am Sergeant Tornxa of the Imperial Guard. We’ve been sent to escort you to the party.”
“At ease, Sergeant,” replied Yn’dara. “I am eager to get underway.”
The Sergeant nodded and signaled the two other guards, who entered the front of the large vehicle. The Sergeant joined the pair in the rear cab, a large, rectangular space that resembled the inside of a limousine.
Once Adam and Yn’dara were seated, the sergeant rapped twice on the glass behind her head, and he felt the inertial shift as the vehicle began its trek forward.
“Yn’dee, it's so good to see you again!” The Sergeant exclaimed quietly, grinning widely.
“Torn, how’ve you been? I feel like it's been forever! And look, you made Sergeant!”
“I know! They gave me women to command!”
“That was a mistake!” Yn’dara replied in a lighthearted tone, the both of them laughing.
“Wait, you two know each other?” Adam asked, trying to wrap his head around the tonal shift that had just occurred.
“Yes dear, Torn here got assigned to be my personal guard when I turned six! She was just a young private then. More of a sister to me than my actual sister.”
“Oh don’t say that,” the guardswoman replied. “I just didn’t have to worry about politics back then, you know how the royal family is.” The woman turned and faced Adam, “but who is this absolute beauty you’ve brought with you?”
“I’m Sergeant Adam MacGuinness, good to meet ya,” he said, extending a fist.
“Nice to meet you, what branch? I didn’t realize they were letting Terrans into the imperial military yet,” Torn replied.
“They’re technically not. I got drafted into the Deathshead, got out of selection less than two weeks ago.”
“You! You’re - you’re a deathshead? How the hell did you meet Yn’dara?”
‘Ah fuck, she doesn’t know yet,’ Adam thought, wincing as he realized he revealed too much. He looked to Classy, who was rolling her eyes, but smiling nonetheless.
“Well, I met him because he’s part of my Pod,” she said.
The Sergeant froze, face rapidly shifting emotions as she looked between Adam and Yn’dara.
“You? How?” She asked in a shocked tone, “You were such a quiet and reserved girl, and how did you convince your mother?”
“By completing the required training; yes I was; and you can thank Aunt Kami and Grandmother for convincing her. I wanted to earn something for the first goddess-damned time in my life, and I fucking did.” Yn’dara replied matter-of-factly, “And I met Adam because of it. I met friends and now future sisters-in-marriage through it. People who aren’t by my side just because of my family.”
“I couldn’t be more proud of you,” said Torn, “but why come back after all this time?”
“Work, and I had to get this one,” she said, gently slapping his leg ‘armor’ half-heartedly, “out of some serious trouble that required a favor from my mother. She had some… stipulations.”
“Oh, and those were?”
“Leave the Deathshead at the end of my term of service and find a husband within a year, otherwise she picks one for me.”
“Ooo, not fun… wait, no! That’s why Adam is here, isn’t it?” Torn replied with a malicious grin.
“Precisely,” said Yn’dara, returning the same grin.
“She’s gonna be mad.”
“She can lick it, I’m abiding by the terms of our agreement, if in a roundabout way. I’ll get grandmother involved if she decides to press the issue,” she replied with a dismissive wave.
The conversation continued between the two women, reminiscing about days spent in the imperial palace, Torn playing tutor for a young Yn’dara, and playing video games together.
Adam was enjoying learning more about the reclusive woman. She had been decidedly evasive about her past, probably not wanting the team to know how privileged her upbringing had been. She’d grown up a quiet nerd in a cutthroat lifestyle, and it explained much about her.
He gazed out the thick, deeply tinted windows around the vehicle, defaulting to his old habits of ‘pulling security’ even though they had a detail with them. After several turns, he’d clocked the same purple truck following them from a distance, making all the turns they did. It wasn’t hard, the Shil’vati had a robust public transport system, made up of far too many large buses.
In the sea of public transport vehicles, one singular vehicle following them definitely was easy to pick out, easier than it was on earth, at least. Every turn through the thirty minute drive on the highway and surface streets, this vehicle made.
When they finally pulled up to an absolutely massive structure, decorated with deep purple banners, gold trim, and black insignia and crests on the walls, the vehicle finally stopped.
Unfortunately, so did they.
“Hey Torn, you have a chase vehicle? Second security team following us?” Adam asked, breaking the laughter the other two were sharing.
“Uhh, no, no I don’t. What’s up?”
“Back my play, prepare to lay covering fire.” Adam said, quickly exiting the vehicle as the Sergeant scrambled and shouted from inside to stay put and let her team take care of it.
He absolutely wasn’t going to, he had a sneaking suspicion who the vehicle's occupant was. In his mind, it was either one of his women following him to make sure he was alright, or the assassins from earlier.
He really hoped it was just an over-protective Slip or Sel. He straightened his outfit, and strode up to the vehicle, which hadn’t moved. He rapped gently on the passenger side window, stepped back and crossed his arms.
Much to his surprise, the answer to his unasked question was neither.
“Hello, Adam, lovely weather we’re having, isn’t it?” Came the alto voice of Sermilla, the bar owner and gambling lord.
‘The fuck?’

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Aloha Ich bins, euer Hässlicher Discord Nutzer, der euch zwei ganze Ace Attorney Videos beschert hat, obwohl ich aktiver sein wollte (didn't work that well). Back on topic Die Seite, mit der ich die Videos mache, hat ein Update, womit man nun richtige games machen kann. Und natürlich, als die gute Seele die ich bin, würde ich euch einfach fragen, was für "Diskussionsspiele", ergo Ace Attorneys man für Huebi entwerfen könnte, oder generell in diesem Subreddit hochladen kann, da man Spiele auch mehreren Personen geben kann, also nicht nur einer. Keine Ahnung, ob ich in der Position bin, aber wenn ihr Ideen habt, könnt ihr sie gerne hier iN dIe KoMmEnTaRe schreiben, ich werde hier aktiv mitlesen
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2022.01.21 17:45 Doragun94 First time painting, first problems

Hi everyone! Today I just started to paint for the first time. I'm painting silver knights from Dark Souls the board game. I watched and read some videos/articles and now I'm following this tutorial: https://youtu.be/mXgzP3PLcRI
As primer I'm using Vallejo's surface primer (brush). I put a single layer and now when using the silver color that's the result: https://i.imgur.com/POOpRxk.jpeg I don't understand if the problem is the primer or if the color it's too diluted. On the second minifigure I've put a second layer of primer but the result seems the same as the first figure: https://i.imgur.com/2np1MWI.jpeg https://i.imgur.com/QBR8FqY.jpeg
I'm using an homemade wet palette (only for colors obviously). Thank you for all the help!
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2022.01.21 17:45 Wisdomkeep Are my parents stingy if they spend this much money on me?

I know I didn't do anything to earn it, but it seems like so little money for them. My parents spend around $200 - $300 every half a year on me for personal things I want like a new jacket or pants.
My parents treat 100$ like it's a ton of money. I'd understand but at the same time I always hear them brag to each other about how they can make 100$ in a day just by doing Uber. If I had a job at McDonald's I could probably make like $100 or more in just a week. They also spend tons of money (thousands) on themselves for stuff they could certainly do without. I think they made about 200$ this week from Uber, and they said it was just for fun.
I've been looking to get a job for myself but I figured I should try to deal with my depression, social anxiety, and low school grades beforehand. I also can't drive yet, so I gotta figure that out too. In the meantime I really have no other way to get new stuff I'd like to have.
I really hate asking them for money, I feel guilty. I wish I could just earn money for myself and never have to ask them for anything, but I have so many hurdles I have to get through before I can get a job. To make up for what they've spent on me in the last 3 years, I figured I'd just give them around $2000 for every single unnecessary thing that they bought me once I'm older and I have a job.
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2022.01.21 17:45 ActuallyxFrogs Help wtf is this enemy

Help wtf is this enemy
it takes 1-3 minutes for this enemy to despawn and when it does it usually pushes past 3 minutes, making hush runs impossible please send hel
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2022.01.21 17:45 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/kitchener-waterloo/waterloo-board-pauses-eqao-testing-1.6319489

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2022.01.21 17:45 bmazz220 Z-738-2810: View From the Top

Nestled in the pinnacle of the main tower is a place known as the Be'an, "where the finite touches the infinite". They say that in the early days of the Priory, The Librarian used to come up here to commune with the gods. However, long ago it was sealed up with a sort of one way door, locked from the inside with neither keyhole not handle on the outside.
But you know me. Tell me that there's a place lost to time, a place I could go if it wasn't inaccessible, and I'm getting in.
Honestly, it wasn't that hard, just had to think outside the box (or in this case outside the tower). Go out on the balcony below it, climb up the wall, pop the lock on the shutters, and I'm in.
I was actually surprised the first time I came up here. I was expecting some sort of chapel, but it's more like a study. Not that I'm complaining, it's a nice sanctuary to hide from all the damn paperwork and bureaucracy involved I running this place. If they can't find me, they gotta just figure it out themselves. And what better place not to be found than a place that no one thinks you can get into?
Having this little space just to myself has given me a lot of time to think. The first question that popped into my head was "who am I?", but I dismissed that pretty quick once I realized how moot of a question that is for someone with no appreciable history.
Then came the question of what it all means. Some say that being numbered gives a life meaning. But it can't be that. Just look out over the city of Zahlenberg. Down there, there are thousands upon thousands of people living rich, meaningful lives.
A book I found up here has a unique perspective on the question. And it actually has a quite interesting history. In a rare joint action by the church and The Temple of Zero, it was declared heracy and scrubbed from history. In fact the copy we have seems as if it was saved from a book burning. Not like it was secreted away before it could be confiscated, more like taken from the actual fire, with singe marks and all.
The book posits the existence of a group above even the gods that they call The Dreamers. It further says that everything from the ground beneath us to the heavens above are simply a story that they tell each other and that if the story stops being told that it will all fall away to nothing.
Who knows why they tell the story. Maybe for some it's just for the fun of it. Others may do it for the sense of community. Or it may be their way of escaping whatever is going on in their lives and go on adventures that they otherwise would not be able to.
The book ended on a nihilistic conclusion, saying that if our existence isn't real than existence has no meaning. I really don't see it that way. Maybe my life doesn't have any intrinsic meaning, but maybe I can bring value to another. If the theory is true, I hope that I can bring both the readers and writers what it is that they need, be it joy, belonging, escape, or excitement.
But that's enough talk for now. I've got a meeting to get to.
2810 runs and jumps out the window. As he does he grabs a rope attached to the top of the window frame and rappels to the balcony below
Damn, I don't think that will ever get old.
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2022.01.21 17:45 HalloMajaHalloFaja [Identify Jaeger-LeCoultre] Can anyone help me with a model and approximate age?

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2022.01.21 17:45 slow_cheetah_52 Master 'location' used for sync?

Bad title, not sure how to word this...
Long story short, I had to factory reset my phone and wipe all my data. My vault was created & stored on said mobile, but is now gone.
Does Obsidian Sync actually backup the most recent version to a server, or does it only ensure that local documents on all devices have the most recent version? Im subscribed, and used to use Obsidian on my tablet, but haven't synced it for months and it only has a very outdated version of my vault. Will that become the 'newest version' if I open it?
Similar question... once I load the mobile app and it has the default empty vault, what keeps that from overwriting all my previous information?
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2022.01.21 17:45 Original_Performer74 Hallå mina älskade bröder

Är här några goa glada danskar här???
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2022.01.21 17:45 Yonipikk [download>>zip} Taylor Swift Reputation^ Album (songs#).

Where to find a working download link for - Taylor Swift Reputation? Right here!#. Get {dOWNLOAD} Taylor Swift Reputation full album, free tracks hq, {drive mediafiire} Taylor Swift Reputation Download and stream 2018. The sixth studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is Reputation (stylized in all lowercase). It was released by Big Machine Records on November 10, 2017. Swift was embroiled in conflicts with many high-profile personalities following the commercial success of her fifth studio album, 1989 (2014), which became a subject of intense tabloid attention.
Artist: Taylor Swift Album: Reputation Year: 2017 Genre: Pop, Synthpop
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