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Help on sprites

2022.01.21 18:27 ShrapWing Help on sprites

Greetings members of the MASFandom,

 I inquire on how one would go on to create sprites. As in what software to use, coding and any other useful tip or suggestion to help in my endeavors. That of which to create my own personal made sprites for MAS, and any other additives that may come to mind. Thanks for your time, and have a joyous day/night. With great consideration and appreciation, Sharp_Wing P.S. I have know idea or inclination of how to mod, with this in mind could help you know what caliber of person your dealing with. 
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2022.01.21 18:27 KJW4947 In need of friends

Heres the plan, I would really like to start a 1 life smp with streamers and content creators but I have no one to join

If you are free and you own Minecraft Bedrock Edition, lemme know and we can get this thing going

I am looking for round about 20 to 30 people so if you have friends also tell them to join


Decent mic
Age 14+
Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.18.2
10+ subscribers or followers

Hope to see you there!
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2022.01.21 18:27 dietcokeSTAT elf poreless putty primer (universal sheer)

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2022.01.21 18:27 misandreeee Cant find BROKENSTORM ??

İ only have this guy left but i cant find him
İ am looking at lvl 9 as the guides tell But have done it maybe 20 times still not there ?
İs there a special thing to spawn him ??
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2022.01.21 18:27 BadThomasx Origin of Incest…

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2022.01.21 18:27 zeeeeeeeeek me_irl

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2022.01.21 18:27 Vexxed_Mind There is a fundamental problem with Overwatch. (post got deleted in .5 seconds on r/overwatch)

This post got deleted in .5 seconds on overwatch for "low-value, low-quality, or repetitive content" and I have no idea why. Said it was "manually removed by mod." But I gotta get this off my chest somewhere. So here goes:
I'm a diamond border level 7k+ try hard in low gold rank who genuinely loves Overwatch but there are some glaring problems with the game. This has everything to do with the people playing it. Especially in the lower ranks. One of the main features of the game is team chat and team voice chat. The ability to talk to others who want to strive to defeat the enemy team is like no other. You have to experience it yourself to really appreciate it but the abhorrent negativity and awfulness coming from an underlying toxic foundation makes the game almost unplayable. I want to highlight some issues here that I've experienced first hand.
Earlier today I was in a group and the enemy team pushed the cart in with 0 seconds left off the clock. I was tank (Winston to be exact). It was our turn to push the cart and we got about halfway through numbani with literally no issues. We all died once and IMMEDIATELY the dps started flaming the tanks. I stated in team chat "We are doing great! That was one death. Lets not make that one death set us back." But the damage had already been done. You could tell the other tank was already feeling the insults and just started pushing without his team. The DPS, again, started flaming both of us. "Stupid a** awful tanks. How pathetic," and many many other horrible things. So I stated "We were doing absolutely fine until you started insulting the tanks." To which, of course, BOTH DPS started saying stuff like "wow... diamond border p**** boy needs to learn the basics of the game. If you've been playing this long you should know by now."
Now... Maybe you agree with the dps here. Maybe you think this kind of toxicity is absolutely disgusting like I do. But the problem is whether I stay silent, stick up for myself, do worse, switch, DO BETTER, CARRY THE FUCKING TEAM, or just do a regular good ol' fashion job of holding my shield up for the dps to do their job, this shit happens -every- -single- -game-. Not 90%. Not 98%. 100%.
This happens on tank, healer, or dps. I just want to play the game. Yes I'm a bad diamond border tryhard in low gold and PLUMMETTING... but I don't throw. I try my best to help my team over going in by myself. I play for the team and just genuinely like the nature of competitive except for the "plat/diamond border sh** a** n***** can't even heal me," WHEN I LITERALLY HAVE MY HEALING BEAM ON YOU WHEN YOU DIED AND CONTINUOUSLY 30 SECONDS BEFORE THAT.
"Just ignore them." If someone is screaming at you constantly with abusive language and typing at you to kys ALL THE TIME it would be kind of hard to ignore after a while.
"If you don't like it stop playing." Do you know how this sounds? Imagine genuinely enjoying a video game and someone says "well if you don't like being called a p***** a** b***** n****, thats just part the of the experience, bud. Time to stop doing the thing you enjoy." No. That's not how this works. Thats how how any of this works.
"Have tougher skin and if you can't then stop playing." I don't have tough skin. I'm not a very strong individual. I like the conflict of the battle, the discourse in the chat and voice chat. I don't like abuse and thats what this is, plain and simple, and I'm not running away just because you think I should be "tougher."
"It's how online games work. Just get over it. It'll always be this way." Absolutely not. Just because something is a certain way doesn't mean it should stay that way. Something needs to be done. I'm just not sure what.
"Just report them." I have. I have about an 80% report success rate based on the little feedback message you get soon after you report someone. I will continue to report people like this but it does NOT slow it down... at ALL. Every game I still get "Look at the border! I bet you have 5k hours on this game." thinking it was a silly little swing at me but turns out "You're so bad for still being in this rank. Go outside. Do something else. You're clearly not meant for this game. Go k*** yourself." What? For having a border? For liking a video game? REALLY?
It would be okay if this happened in 50% of my games. Hell even 70% of my games but this happens in 100% of every. single. one. of. my. games. Yes I know this sounds b****y but today I decided to turn off -all- chats. Team, voice, general. It all has to go. Because the abuse has gone too far. You can call me sensitive. You can call me whatever you want but it's too much. I think it would be too much even for you.
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2022.01.21 18:27 uglypatty Celebrity Stealing Club strikes again! (Richard Quinn Fall 2021)

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2022.01.21 18:27 MetalCoreShadow People born in 2013 will be 9 years old this year

I feel old
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2022.01.21 18:27 LiamGeegeeson Automated Alchemy Machine Output to Chest

As per the title, is there anyway to accomplish this? As it stands I just stand beside the machine until it's done outputting the finished amount.
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2022.01.21 18:27 AmbitiousFail782 can anyone explain to me what I can do there ?

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2022.01.21 18:27 SirPancakeFace What is a tax return and how do I file one?

I just got my first W2 form from my first real job and I have no idea what to do next. My family has always been strongly anti-government and has never filed taxes (as far as I know) and has told me not to file my W2. As I understand it, I can get some of this money back? Where do I begin this?
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2022.01.21 18:27 lemonadeveins Faze Greasy Face up next????

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2022.01.21 18:27 Lasap Asian Shares Slide After More Losses on Wall Street | Business News

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2022.01.21 18:27 its_sairon Spidey in Seattle Fanart! (@mart.ink8 on IG)

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2022.01.21 18:27 theturtlecakes Daedon wyvern raising?

Every time I look up how to raise a wyvern I see someone mentioning using q deadon with passive healing? Does it work? Is it effective?
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2022.01.21 18:27 rirwin2k Weather in Green Bay tomorrow night

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2022.01.21 18:27 AndrewABXD I can’t believe they live at op’s school!

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2022.01.21 18:27 Mamato6mm85 Which jacket is warmer?

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2022.01.21 18:27 Box__Mail Help me with an ethernet problem please.

So i i got pc from a friend booted it up and has e erything pluuged in including ethernet but it says i have no network connection.
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2022.01.21 18:27 codex_41 Need recommendations and advice on a new 2022 Tucson Hybrid SEL or possible alternatives (FL - USA)

Must haves: 23 city MPG+, the higher the better. Reliable and inexpensive to repair. The more creature comforts the better, we're coming from a 2015 Sorento SXL with all the bells and whistles. The further we can get away from $30k out the door, the happier we'll be.
I am helping look for a crossoveSUV for my sister-in-law that can transport kids back and forth from school as well as occasional medium distance trips (roughly 100 miles each way). It needs room for 3 children (one booster seat, one full size car seat, oldest does not require a car seat anymore). My price range is sub $30k out the door. (more on that in a moment) This car will primarily be used for city commuting and school pickup/drop off. Speed is less important than comfort, and much less important than fuel efficiency.
I am looking at a new Hyundai Tucson Hybrid SEL at a dealer that will do MSRP + $1k dealer fee, with taxes, tag and fees the total cost comes out to roughly $36k out the door. The dealer is offering a 2.5%@60mo loan for $500 off the price of the car, however we are prepared to pay the loan off in full basically as soon as we walk off the lot. Obviously $36k is a lot and I'd like to make sure we've considered all our options. The only reason I am considering this car is Hyundai's 10y warranty and included 3y maintenance, as well as the peace of mind of not having to worry how a used car was treated. Her last car was a maintenance headache due to being a 3-owner car and also having 100k mi on the odometer.
Originally, we were considering a used 2019+ CX-5 Grand Touring (first year with CarPlay, Grand Touring has cooled seats) with under 50k miles. It seems in the area we live in those are going anywhere from $29k to $33k after these dealers add on their "reconditioning" fees and whatnot. In our area (central Florida) it looks like you can add roughly $3-$5k onto any listed used car price. In my mind, $36k for a brand new hybrid makes a lot more sense than paying $31k for a 2019 with 25k miles on it or $29k for a 2020 with 45k mi(!) on it. We went and looked at Avis Sales to try and find a good deal but honestly nearly every car we sat in smelled of smoke or attempts to cover smoke.
My SIL drives maybe 80% of the time in the city, and relatively infrequently on the highway. Her last car got maybe 19mpg around town due to being a heavy V6 3-row SUV, she's looking to save money on gas and also eliminate her car payment by paying cash. Am I out of my mind trying to stretch for this Tucson, and what other competitors should we be looking for? I don't want her to have to take a big a step down from the creature comforts of her last car (leather, big sunroof, cooled seats, etc), but I also don't want to break the bank. Is there some bang for the buck option I'm missing, new or used?
Some of the cars I've considered are
2022 Tucson Hybrid
2019+ CX-5
2019+ RAV4
Some of the cars I've ruled out are
Honda CR-V (don't want to roll the dice on reported engine problems)
Anything with a V6 as the only engine option (most 3 row SUVs)
Anything pure EV (SIL has said she's not ready for that transition yet)
"Lifted wagons" such as the Kona/Niro, Outback, Corolla Cross, etc. (SIL prefers a higher driving position)
TL;DR - Sub $30k (if possible, can stretch to ~$35k, but would prefer not to), reliable crossover with very good city MPG, and as many interior niceties as possible without breaking the budget. Driving character and performance are far second to fuel efficiency and comfort, and if it looks good that's a bonus.
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2022.01.21 18:27 dc031114 Saturday 22 January 2022 - Power 2/3G 60 minutes

Today all classes are run in three groups so no differences between 2 or 3G today. It was a small relief from yesterday's endurance hell but not much as you will find yourself getting splats on every single station today. I did regret my life choices from last night - white wine, margaritas and thai food so today was a bit of a struggle.
All blocks run the same on the treadmill, rower and floor. On the treadmill you are doing a three minute progressive push into a one minute all out. Normally this would look like hell but compared to yesterdays 4 minte progressive push into a 2 minute run for distance this seems quite tame. You will get approx 75 seconds of walking recovery between blocks so feel free to up your speeds. We were coached to start 1 kmh above base and to increase by between 0.5 to 1 kmh for each minute and then to go into the all out. Today was a low mileage day and only managed 3.2 km (2 miles) on the tread (I blame the alcohol from last night!).
For the rower we were coached to use the 500m split times. We first calibrated our split times to our base pace row and then were coached to progressively drop the split times for the progressive push and then into the all out. We were also asked to track our distances and try to beat it each round. Furthest I got today was 1145m which wasn't too bad considering I didn't feel 100%.
The floor is a real burner. Timed exercises of shoulder presses, reverse lunges, plank low rows and speed skater lunges to high knees. Don't go too heavy on the weights as you will spend a lot of time on the exercises. The lunges are bodyweight but feel free to use some weights. You will likely get splats on the floor, especially on the speed skater lunges with high knees.
Today was definitely not as hard as yesterday but still pretty challenging (no collapsing today). I give it a 2 (🪶🪶) out of 5 for gentleness.
Tread Block 1

Tread Block 2
Tread Block 3
Row Block 1
Row Block 2
Row Block 3 * 3 min progressive push row (decrease split time by ~2 sec each minute) * 1 min AO row * Try to beat your distance from the previous blocks
Floor Block 1
Floor Block 2
Floor Block 3
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2022.01.21 18:27 BTS-1D What can I do to get rid of this ?

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2022.01.21 18:27 Syrnael Ai dies within 20 years of invading large nations

Most of my campaigns go like this: Media and Babylonia kill Assyria, Media gobbles up the entire Iran, Caucasus and eats Cimmeria and Lydia, to then promptly go 20k ducats in debt, go bankrupt, get replaced by Persia inheriting them and then dying the same way. There is no AI empire(except babylonia) who seems to be able to bear the burden of massive territorial changes. I think it's mostly due to them stating all the new territories as the invasion cb lets you inherit the country, and they then die to state maintenance costs and their army upkeep. Does playing on harder modes make the ai more capable of handling these issues? Is there a realistic way to have an adversary capable of facing the player without crumbling the moment they go into debt?
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2022.01.21 18:27 Usedonce01 Is it worth applying to top schools for a master program?

I come from a local state school, not very well known. Some projects under my belt, but nothing very eye catching. I was a student senator for a year and I also stood tables for almost my entire undergrad if that counts for anything.
I did one internship in 2020, and since last summer (2021) I’ve been doing some interesting research in a field I’m interested in at my university, but so far we don’t have many results or publications under my name. I can probably get a good letter of rec from that too. I do have a good GPA (3.9) and I’m certain I can get a good GRE score.
I am planning to apply for Spring 2022 admission. I’m not going in over my head on this, so I’m applying to lesser tier schools as well, but is it worth my time to apply to the likes of MIT, USC, Stanford, etc?
(Also, what do you recommend I do during the semester I have off before starting?)
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