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[東方Rock/Instrumental] Sakuya (咲夜)

2022.01.21 18:24 strangememeaddiction [東方Rock/Instrumental] Sakuya (咲夜)

Here's a post-rock(ish) arrangement I did of Sakuya's Flowering Night theme about two weeks ago.
Original Title: フラワリングナイト (Flowering Night)
Source: 東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View
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2022.01.21 18:24 kailoken_art Mai and trunks redraw

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2022.01.21 18:24 Bonus1Fact Outer Banks, North Carolina saw some very angry waves earlier with the front bringing winds onshore increasing wave size 🌊. The coast will continue to see rain and ice in spots throughout Friday!#NCwx #icestorm pic.twitter.com/1lV81CkyTY— WeatherNation (@WeatherNation) January 21, 2022

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2022.01.21 18:24 buenos_dias_fuckboi Considering the points updates, can someone give me a good beginner 500 point list?

I'm buying a SC so that's a definite part of the list
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2022.01.21 18:24 DashieBot I KILLED CHICA!! [FNAF: SECURITY BREACH] [#05]

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2022.01.21 18:24 Legal_Reputation3283 Matrix trans allegories examined in-depth

Hi hi!
I'm a trans woman and a writer and for a while now I've been doing #TransTuesday posts on Twitter, just talking about my transition and what it means to be trans in this world.
I kept getting asked about the trans allegory of The Matrix, so I eventually did a series of threads explaining it all so I had something I could point people to. But that caused me to continually be asked about the sequels, and long story short I've done multiple threads (18 so far, I think, I'm in the middle of Resurrections now) explaining the entire allegory in detail.
The allegory of each movie builds upon the last one, so you have to understand The Matrix to understand Reloaded to understand Revolutions to understand Resurrections. They're incredibly layered and deep, moreso that I'd realized before I started, and they speak to and about us in ways no other mass media really does. And they're 100% intentional, because they're so specific all the way through all four movies it could not have been coincidence.
I always liked the movies, but now they've become vitally important to me in a way I didn't anticipate.
Anyway, I've been lurking forever but finally made an account to share them here in case anyone was interested. Happy to answer questions or discuss. :)
They're all linked from here: https://twitter.com/TillyBridges/status/1475194703544864769
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2022.01.21 18:24 jakey_stakey broccoli dripster | NPC | unlocks the food biome | if eaten: +99% drip +50% NPC price rise |

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2022.01.21 18:24 ChronoisCross1999 Super Smash Bros 6 Concept Part 2: Newcomers and DLC Fighters (Ideas/Discussion)

Even though Smash Ultimate just got its last DLC fighter in October, I'm already excited to see what the next game in the series has in store, even if the next game might be another 5-6 years away. This will be a two part series of posts where I explain which characters I want to cut, and which newcomers I want in the game.
In this part, I'll be discussing which characters I think should be included as newcomers in the base roster of the game, as well as 12 DLC fighters that would work well if there was a similar system to the Fighters Passes in Ultimate. I'll also be including brief summaries of what their move sets could be like for the base newcomers, but not for the DLC fighters.

Also before beginning here's a list of the 19 characters that were cut last time:
Dr Mario
Piranha Plant
Young Link
Toon Link
Dark Samus
Dark Pit
# of Returning Veterans: 70
New Fighters
Super Mario
#071: Waluigi: A fan favourite character, and one of the most highly requested Mario characters that has yet to appear as a fighter in Smash. It’s become a meme at this point that the developers are aware of his popularity, since they even stated that Waluigi wouldn’t be a newcomer in Smash Ultimate this time before its release, but I think it’ll actually happen in Smash 6.
His move set would be different from other Mario characters, since it would draw from the numerous Mario Sports titles that he’s appeared in, as well as some new unique poses, since it’s Waluigi we’re talking about here. His final smash would be a special attack from one of the Mario Tennis games, dealing major damage to any foes that get hit by it.
#072: Paper Mario: Even though I cut Dr. Mario, I think Paper Mario could have a pretty unique playstyle to warrant including him in the next game. Since Paper Mario is now the primary “Mario RPG” series, if you can call it that at this point, I think it’s likely that he’ll make the cut as a fighter in Smash 6.
Even though it might be controversial, his move set wouldn’t include partners from the older games, instead using his paper abilities, hammer, and ten-fold arms for most of his attacks. His final smash would be Star Beam, calling on the power of the Seven Star Spirits to summon a beam of light that paralyzes any foes that are caught in it, and deals moderate damage.
Donkey Kong
#073: Cranky Kong: Even though Dixie Kong is often more requested than Cranky Kong, I think Cranky would be a better fit for Smash for a few reasons. For one, he’s the original Donkey Kong from the original arcade game, meaning he has more importance in Nintendo’s history than Dixie. Second, he’s arguably the most iconic side character from Donkey Kong Country 1, and considering every rep so far technically originated in DKC1, it would only make sense to include Cranky to complete the DKC1 cast of characters in Smash before moving on to Dixie. Finally, throughout the DKC games, Cranky’s whole deal is that he’s better at the game than Donkey Kong, and he’s hinted to have combat experience as well due to his roles in DKC3 and DK64.
His move set would be similar to how he controls in Tropical Freeze, using his walking stick as a pogo stick, melee weapon, and helicopter twirling with it for his recovery. His final smash would be his Kong Pow move, also from Tropical Freeze, where he’d team up with Funky Kong to do a screen nuke that deals moderate damage to every fighter.
The Legend of Zelda
#074: Impa: I mentioned in my previous post that I think the Zelda series has been shafted when it comes to its fighter roster in Smash, so today I’m going to rectify that. Impa is one of the most important recurring characters in the Zelda series, being a prominent member of the Sheikah tribe as well as serving the royal family throughout the timeline. Because of this, there are a lot of incarnations of the character that could be drawn from to create a move set, but mine would mainly focus on her incarnation from the first Hyrule Warriors game.
She would use her giant long sword and Sheikah stealth techniques for most of her moves, and her final smash would be similar to Link’s, but would hit multiple fighters that are directly in front of her for a single powerful slash instead.
#075: Purah: Now for that one unconventional pick that I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else ever mention as a possible fighter for Smash, but makes too much sense when you think about it. Breath of the Wild is the best selling Zelda game of all time, so it only makes sense to have a rep from that game, but who would realistically make the most sense given what makes BOTW unique from other Zelda games as well as what could be feasible for a Smash game? Considering Purah is Impa’s sister and I included her, it’s only fair I include Purah as well. Plus, having an elderly woman that accidentally turned herself into a child with ancient technology would be the perfect representation of what Zelda has become in the BOTW era. That aptitude with ancient Sheikah technology would separate her from the other magic users from the Zelda series that are in Smash right now, and considering the ancient technology was such an important aspect of BOTW, I feel that gives Purah enough of an edge to include her in Smash.
Her move set could involve the different runes that Link acquired in BOTW, as well as some of the ancient weapons that Robbie used in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Her final smash would involve her flying on a Guardian Skywatcher and aiming energy beams at her opponents.
#076: Sylux: I admittedly don’t know a lot about this character, since I haven’t played the games that he’s appeared in, but I think Sylux would make the most sense as the next Metroid rep, considering he’s likely to play a significant role in Prime 4. He would also be another antagonist character, which would be a perfect replacement for Dark Samus now that they’ve been cut.
For his move set, he’d have a similar fighting style to Samus, but would be slightly more agile and would have different weapons like the Shock Coil that would paralyze opponents for a brief moment. His final smash would be his Lockjaw form, where he flies across the screen dropping three large bombs that explode and damage any opponents within their radius.
#077: Marx: Kirby hasn’t gotten a new rep since Brawl, and considering Kirby is one of Sakurai’s creations, it’s only fair that his series finally gets another newcomer, and despite fan outcry to include Bandana Dee, I think Marx would make more sense as a fighter. Since he appeared as a boss in Ultimate’s Classic Mode, there would be a similar appeal to when Ridley finally became a fighter in Ultimate after being a boss in Brawl, and out of all of the major bosses in Kirby games, Marx is probably one of the more well known.
Since Marx is already a playable character in Kirby: Star Allies, it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine what his move set would be either, so his Smash 6 set would be similar to that game, with his final smash being him turning into his boss form to wreak havoc across the stage to deal damage to anyone he makes contact with.
Star Fox
#078: Krystal: Krystal is another character that I know very little about, but since I cut Falco in the previous post, I think a more magic based fighter could be an interesting replacement, while also mirroring the fact that Zelda got a more technology based fighter in Purah. She’s also been a heavily requested character for a while now, so I feel it would make sense to include her in the next Smash game.
Her move set would naturally focus on her staff and her telepathic abilities, and her final smash would be an original move called “Mind Reader”, where she’d read her opponents’ minds and perform a sneak attack that would instantly knock whichever player it hits off the screen. (There’s probably a better idea for her final smash, but since I don’t know a lot about this character, this is the best I could come up with.
#079: Urshifu: With every new Smash game comes a new Pokémon rep, and since Gen 8 is the most recent generation right now, I think the best rep would be Urshifu, although it’s more likely that a Gen 9 or 10 rep would make it into Smash 6 since they would be more recent by the time Smash 6 comes out. I know that people want a Grass type starter like Grovyle or Rillaboom to complete the starter type trio, but I don’t see Grovyle having much of a different fighting style to Greninja, and Rillaboom’s move set might end up being too similar to Donkey Kong’s, so in the end I decided that Urshifu would be a better pick.
A scrapped idea for this character that I had was to have Urshifu start off as Kubfu, and then incorporate evolution into its fighting style, where if it uses more regular (A) attacks, it would evolve into the Single Strike Dark/Fighting form and using more special (B) attacks would let it evolve into its Rapid Strike WateFighting form, but that would probably be too complicated for a character, and would technically take up two different slots, so I decided to cut it down to just Urshifu. Its move set would involve switching between its two forms with its B-down special, with one form being more physically proficient and the other being more specially proficient. Its final smash would involve it going Gigantamax in the background and punching and kicking the foreground to K.O. any opponents it makes contact with.
Sonic the Hedgehog
#080: Miles “Tails” Prower: It’s honestly baffling to me that Sonic still only has one fighter in Smash at this point, so I’m going to give his series two newcomers, starting with his main sidekick, Tails. Tails is an incredibly versatile character, being both a technological genius who can use high-tech gadgets as well as being able to fly briefly with his dual tails and use them as a weapon as well, making it easy to make a varied move set for him.
Tails’ move set would involve him being outside of his mech, the Tornado using different gadgets like his ring bombs and his signature tail spin attack and flying capabilities in standard battle, with his final smash being him going into his Tornado to rapid-fire against the fighters on the field in an attempt to knock them off the screen.
#081: Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik: The signature antagonist of the Sonic series, Dr. Eggman would be my second pick for a newcomer. Due to his technological genius and the countless killing machines he has created over the years, he’s definitely become a force to be reckoned with, and I think this aspect of his character would shape how he’d fight in a Smash game.
I think he would use his Eggwalker mech from Sonic Adventure 2 with a few modern modifications as his main weapon of choice, being capable of charging up laser beams, firing missiles and morphing into his standard Egg Mobile briefly for recovery. His final smash would involve his Egg Walker transforming into his iconic Death Egg Robot from Sonic 2, shooting his arms out to instantly knock out any opponent it hits.
Mega Man
#082: Zero: Mega Man is another third-party series that I’m surprised hasn’t received a second rep yet, and I think the best choice would probably be Zero. Since Mega Man is already here to represent the classic series of games, I think it would only make sense for Zero to be here to represent the modern X series of games, as well as to give us yet another anti hero character.
His move set would reflect the X series of games, where he uses the different Robot Maverick abilities and the iconic dash attack for diagonal recovery. His final smash would involve him calling on Proto Man to perform a dual attack on the other fighters, referencing Mega Man’s original final smash.
Balloon Fight
#083: Balloon Fighter: Out of all the legacy “Arcade” style Nintendo characters that haven’t made it into Smash yet, the only two that I can think of off the top of my head are Excitebike’s protagonist and the Balloon Fighter from Balloon Fight. Considering there’s usually at least one of these classic newcomers in each game, I think Balloon Fighter would make more sense, as he could work as a sort of “foil” fighter to Little Mac, being nearly useless while fighting on the ground but would be incredibly strong while airborne. He’d probably be one of the lightest characters as well, being able to stay in the air for a long period of time but being easy to knock off the screen.
His move set is kind of hard to think up, since there’s so little material to work with, so some creative liberties would need to be made to make this fighter possible. He could have a slingshot as a projectile weapon that shoots more pellets and is quicker when he’s in the air, use his balloons as recovery that would change depending on how many balloons have been popped, and would have a cooldown time before they could “regrow”. I don’t have a concrete idea on what his final smash could be, maybe he’d pump up a large balloon that would explode and damage anyone within its radius?
Rhythm Heaven
#084: Chorus Kids: These guys would be the gimmick characters of the game. Rhythm Heaven has been a series that has got a lot of requests to be given a fighter in Smash for a while now, so I think it would make sense to include them in the next game, since Rhythm Heaven doesn’t have much representation in Smash yet.
The Chorus Kids would have a fairly unique move set, being similar to the Ice Climbers, but in this case there are three characters instead of two. They would have different musical combo attacks that would gradually decrease in damage depending on how many of the kids are still alive, and would only lose a stock when the main lead of the chorus is KO’d. Their final smash would involve a major combo attack that would call on one of the other characters in the Rhythm Heaven series to help them knock out opponents within their radius.
Astral Chain
#085: Officer Howard: The main protagonist of Astral Chain would be the obligatory new franchise representative for Smash 6, and the player would have the ability to choose which gender they are like with Robin. Considering this is one of the newest Nintendo exclusive franchises right now, and has a futuristic setting with interesting technology, I think the protagonist of this game would work perfectly as a Smash character.
I’m going to be a little vague with their move set, since I don’t know a ton about this series either. They would use their Legion weapon as their main source of combat, being able to switch it between its Sword, Arrow, and Beast forms at will for the sake of move set cohesion. Their final smash would probably involve their Beast Legion being summoned to dash across the screen and KO any opponents it makes contact with.
Shovel Knight
#086: Shovel Knight: One of the most iconic indie characters, Shovel Knight, would also be the first indie character to make it into Smash. Considering he gets a lot of crossovers with other games already, and has appeared in a few indie fighting games as well, I think it would only make sense to include him in Smash 6.
His move set would be pretty basic, as he’d control similarly to how he does in his own games, using his shovel as a melee weapon and digging up minerals to throw at his opponents. His final smash would involve calling upon Shield Knight to do a series of combo attacks across the screen that would work similar to how Latios and Latias did in Brawl.
#087: Bomberman: Bomberman is another classic video game character that’s iconic enough that he could be a Smash fighter, and considering he already showed up as an assist trophy in Ultimate, I think he could easily be changed into a full-fledged fighter in Smash 6.
His move set would be a little simple compared to the other newcomers, mainly using his bombs in various combos and attacks, even being able to use a bomb’s explosion to propel himself upward like a rocket for his recovery. His final smash would probably just be detonating a massive bomb on screen to deal massive damage to everyone in its radius.
Crash Bandicoot
#088: Crash Bandicoot: The final newcomer is another hotly anticipated fighter, and the original 3D platformer mascot for the PlayStation 1, Crash Bandicoot. Due to his importance in video game history as well as the unique move set he could have to differentiate himself from other fighters, he would be a perfect fighter to cap off Smash 6’s hypothetical roster.
That move set would have his neutral B be the Fruit Bazooka that shoots Wumpa Fruit, Side B would be his signature spin attack, his recovery would involve a rocket gadget obtained from Prof. Cortex, and his down B would be a counterattack where he summons Aku Aku to absorb damage and deal it back to opponents. His final smash would involve him creating a massive tornado that absorbs anything within its radius and then spitting everything he absorbed back out at high speeds.
DLC Fighters
I’m going to keep the DLC fighter section brief, since I’ve already gone on long enough as is. As such, I’ll only be explaining why I think they should be included in Smash, but skipping over their move sets. These six DLC fighters would be obtained in two Fighters Passes like in Ultimate, with the first character being a free pre-order bonus and the others being either buyable either individually or in bulk via these passes.
These passes would also follow a general pattern. Fighter 1 of both passes would be a character from a fighting game, Fighter 2 would be a Nintendo owned character, Fighter 3 would be a retro platformer mascot, Fighter 4 would be a character currently owned by Square Enix, Fighter 5 would be a wild card 3rd Party pick that has been requested by a lot of people, and Fighter 6 would be a character currently owned by Capcom.
Fighter Pass 1
#089: Master Hand (Super Smash Bros. Series): Since Master Hand was already semi-playable in World of Light, I think it would be cool if it was the first pre-order bonus character for Smash 6, and the last character available in the “base” game. It would also kind of fulfill the role of the “peripheral” characters like R.O.B. and Mr. Game & Watch, since in Smash 64, he was the “peripheral” that brought the fighters to life, making him both a legacy character and the first representative introduced in the Smash Bros. series as well as a “peripheral” fighter of sorts.
#090: Skull Kid (The Legend of Zelda Series): Yes, I’m giving The Legend of Zelda three different reps, because it desperately deserves it and I already cut Young and Toon Link, so I needed to bring the numbers back up again, plus Skull Kid is one of the most highly requested Zelda characters, so I had to include him as the obligatory Majora’s Mask representative so that almost every major 3D Zelda title had a rep in Smash.
#091: Shantae (Shantae Series): A highly requested “indie-ish” retro platformer character that was exclusive to Nintendo consoles for a while. Since she can transform and has a ton of additional gadgets from The Pirate’s Curse, I think she would make a great addition to the Smash roster.
#092: Magus (Chrono Trigger): This one is entirely my bias coming through, but if there’s any Square franchise that needs to be represented in Smash that hasn’t appeared in it yet, it’s Chrono Trigger. Magus happens to be the character from that game that I think would have the most interesting move set, since he can already use all the elementals in the game and uses a Scythe as his melee weapon, something we don’t have yet in Smash.
#093: Doom Guy (Doom Series): Someone that may have once seemed impossible as a fighter for a Smash game is Doom Guy, but with the rise of third party fighters in Smash like Banjo & Kazooie and Sora, anything is possible. Since he comes from a grittier game franchise and there aren’t a ton of characters that use real guns in Smash right now, he could be a unique character with an interesting move set.
#094: Amaterasu (Okami Series): Okami is a Capcom series that hasn’t been represented in Smash yet, and that needs to change! The artistic beauty of its environments would make for some great Smash stages, and its soundtrack would definitely provide some amazing tracks and remixes for Smash 6. Amaterasu herself would also have a unique move set with her brush techniques and her being a wolf in general, giving those who have been asking for Wolf Link to be introduced in Smash a more interesting alternative.
Fighter Pass 2
#095: Scorpion (Mortal Kombat Series): Mortal Kombat is one of the only mainstream fighting game series that doesn’t have a rep in Smash yet, and from what I’ve seen, Scorpion would probably be the best option, since he’s one of the most popular characters in the series and dates back to the original game.
#096: Viridi (Kid Icarus: Uprising): I think it isn’t unreasonable to expect that some of the DLC picks might have some Sakurai bias, and since Marx already appeared in the base roster, I’m going to include Viridi from Kid Icarus here. Her being a subversion of what you’d expect from the Goddess of Nature, being a violent goddess who’s upset with how humanity has treated her in concept alone would make her a fantastic addition to the Smash roster, even if Kid Icarus hasn’t had a new game in ten years, but the fact that she’d have a pretty unique move set as well would make her a must-have newcomer for Smash 6, even if as a DLC fighter.
#097: Rayman (Rayman Series): Rayman, along with Crash Bandicoot and Shantae is another retro platformer mascot that has been a highly requested fighter for Smash for a while now, and considering his popularity and the fact that games are still being made for his franchise today, I think it would make a lot of sense to include him in the next Smash game, even if he might have a somewhat average move set compared to the other DLC fighters.
#098: Lara Croft (Tomb Raider Series): Technically owned by Square Enix nowadays, Lara Croft seems like another obvious pick to appear in Smash due to her iconic status. Like with Doom Guy, her more realistic weapons approach to combat would be a breath of fresh air to the Smash series, and would make her a standout fighter in a game with over 90 eccentric fighters.
#099: Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes Series): Another highly requested character from the No More Heroes series is Travis Touchdown, and since No More Heroes 3 released only a few years ago, he’s recent enough in the general public’s mind to be included in Smash, I feel.
#100: Monster Hunter (Monster Hunter Series): The final fighter that would cap off Smash 6’s roster would be the titular Monster Hunter from one of Capcom’s most popular franchises. In addition to their unique play style and being capable of summoning different monsters, there would also be a customizability aspect to their character, with all sorts of different costumes that could be mixed and matched to create the player’s own version of the avatar, similar to the Mii Fighters and their different costumes.
Thanks for reading this post! I'd like to hear your thoughts on which characters you'd like to see in Smash 6 as well!
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2022.01.21 18:24 kev24680 [USA-NY] [H] Asus 2080 Super, MSI 5600 XT, PS5 Disc [W] Local Cash

Item Details Price
Asus Turbo RTX 2080 Super Used $725 Local
MSI RX 5600 XT Gaming MX Used in an egpu $550 Local, $650 with a sonnet 550w breakaway box egpu
PS5 Disc Brand New in Box $675 Local
Local to NYC, looking for a local sale only
Please comment before pming
2080 Super
5600 XT + egpu
PS5 Disc
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2022.01.21 18:24 santabarbaramilk LAST HALF GRAM. NEED TO QUIT. ANYONE WANT TO CHAT

I say this every time im stopping but never do. Im trying to get into rehab. Currently skiing my last half g
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2022.01.21 18:24 InhabitantsEggWorld Hisoka Morow

Hisoka Morow Hisoka Morow
New Drop🔥
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Now listed on OpenSea Collection
Floor Price 0.05 ETH
🌠Polygon Blockchain☕
🥶 Handmade
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2022.01.21 18:24 Deuce_Kamikaze Wax challenged Alex to air soft today and Al said he’s going to get the Flagrant 2 boys to team up. Who should they go against? I think RDC_World1 crew.

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2022.01.21 18:24 spacebobster The Holy Empire

The Holy Empire
My newest and only regional map for a new campaign setting i'm working on. Any advice and criticisms is greatly apprecieated. The setting is a dark fantasy sort of thing My main concern is that the contrast and colouring are bit too high to convey a dark and gritty world. But i also like it from a purely aesthic pov. City names are still under development!
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2022.01.21 18:24 These-Ad-7595 Anybody know any good patio dining areas?

Or if there are any?
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2022.01.21 18:24 theindianappguy I created an app to hide sensitive information while screen share.

Hi everyone 👋 let me tell you a story, Back 1 year ago I made a blurweb.app as a way to hide sensitive information while I screen share while making youtube videos
Blurweb app worked well but because it is a browser extension it was limited to hiding stuff on the web, after multiple requests I finally decided to launch a desktop app with the same purpose.
The result is blurscreen.app which helps you hide sensitive info on the screen with a single click.
The plan is to improve the app making it better to solve the issue of hiding sensitive info while screen sharing.
I will really appreciate it if you check out the demo video I made on the homepage and let me know if you find it helpful in the comments
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2022.01.21 18:24 jx962tw Neigh

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2022.01.21 18:24 IhategeiSEpic do you guys have any good hack and slash games to recommend to me aside from Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Rising cause i have beaten the entire DMC franchise on DMD (including the 2nd one) and beat MGRR on Revengeance mode. i want a brand new hack and slash to play (also don't say nier automata)

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2022.01.21 18:24 Manticorethegreat Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band subreddit!

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2022.01.21 18:24 temptemp4380 How much money can I make selling SE photos online ?

Hi everyone, I want to buy the pro version and start selling space engine photos.I need this to be cost-effective but I can't find on the internet how much I could earn by selliings this kind of photos.Also I'd like to know on which plaforms you would sell theses photos if you were me.Feel free to share you experiences (prices, methods to take photos, etc...) if you've ever done this.
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2022.01.21 18:24 Ok_Salt_2441 Thanks, I hate safety standards

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2022.01.21 18:24 dgates888 How important is it to be recommended by a another employee?

I recently applied for a larger tech company with no results. I contacted an old coworker who works there, and he said had the same issue until some one recommended him for the job. I've since had him recommended me for a job and I got an email back the next day to setup the initial phone call.
Is who you know really this powerful? Seems pretty insane that the only way in is to know people already in. How common is this experience?
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2022.01.21 18:24 SlateAlmond90 How does a bowyer create a bows draw weight?

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2022.01.21 18:24 budgetcooking It gets dark early in Northern Sweden, but there are some benefits

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2022.01.21 18:24 Lucasplayz233 Pandemic apocalypse

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2022.01.21 18:24 truckbomb99 I have a bunch on unstrung maple and willow longbows, is it worth it to string them?

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