Gal Gadot

2021.11.27 01:38 KaunWho Gal Gadot

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2021.11.27 01:38 Awkward-Baseball-986 .

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2021.11.27 01:38 VigilantCreative Join Our WhatsApp Group, To Make Friends, Combat Depression, Anxiety, Traumas & The Loneliness Epidemic, Together.

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2021.11.27 01:38 Sir_Pipicus Found the way around gas fees !!!!😛

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2021.11.27 01:38 Some_Cod_47 ErgoHuman; are headrests overrated or should I go for it?

I can get ErgoHuman for around 1050 USD in my country. I am unsure if it will be a chair for me. I sit randomly, slouch. Sometimes I take a leg up on the chair.
But since only the Steelcase Gesture is available for preview which is double the price I thought I'd risk it with ErgoHuman available online.
Because what I like about it is the customization options of lumbar, seat, backrest. This seems like it has a high chance of becoming a chair you will appreciate for the price.
The only thing I am worried about is the headrest. Whether I will actually use it and could find better cheaper alternatives without headrest.
How does the headres, backrest feel when you lean all back? Can you rest comfortably against the headrest leaning far back or does it feel "straight" and upright?
Most of the other furniture stores around seem to sell knockoffs of everything with a high price and ErgoHuman, Aeron and Steelcase Gesture are the only well-known chairs I can find in online stores except the knockoffs.. My budget is around ErgoHuman = 1050 USD or 7000 DKK.
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2021.11.27 01:38 Kcardwelljr Mouse and Keyboard?

In the BF2042 sub a question was asked regarding mouse and keyboard support for consoles. I believe most console players do not want MnK but am curious what the community thinks.
View Poll
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2021.11.27 01:38 Heyhihelloimsam Ok but what if RE4 Ada Wong was a skin?

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2021.11.27 01:38 abe_lincoln_stan My friend made a funny left for dead video, you should check it out

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2021.11.27 01:38 redditman1211 Explain

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2021.11.27 01:38 therealjzachary HOTAS and Ui

Played elite a good bit on Xbox ages ago. Saw it on sale in steam so i thought I’d give it a whirl in VR. Holy cow, VR is so much better. The scale of everything makes more sense, especially the ships and cockpits. Excited to dive back in.
However, it’s been maddening trying to setup my HOTAS correctly. I can navigate the panels and UI but can’t seem to figure what to bind to be able to select or trigger something. Like selecting auto launch for example, I can highlight it but can’t click it.
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2021.11.27 01:38 Ozzy1017 Los calzones de mi hermana

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2021.11.27 01:38 Small-Can3519 华纳在线客服怎么联系

华纳在线客服怎么联系 正规真实靠谱的事物真存在吗?官网(每位玩家都可全程监督扣微同步(3132321943)对于这个问题都困扰着人们对事物选择中,这几点就像是跗骨之蛆一样在人们的心中存在着。特别是在这经济条件网络发展迅速的今天是重中之重的,说它是位居首位也不足为过,不是吗?尤其是网上网tou游戏这一方面,这几点最为突出最受人关注,那么人们所向往所追求的正规真实靠谱的网tou平台到底在哪里呢?
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2021.11.27 01:38 wighty8701 Cash out? Never heard of Incheon Shinhan Bank S-Birds in my life

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2021.11.27 01:38 dontlikemonda RIP Mr Goxx: cryptocurrency-trading hamster dies

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2021.11.27 01:38 IceDrip_11 An apology

I am not a mod for the hawks subreddit or anything. I want to apologize for how some of the members behaved. I wish Grizzlies fans and Ja good luck. May he have a speedy recovery 🙏 .
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2021.11.27 01:38 Other_Aardvark_6105 Fuck the Huskies

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2021.11.27 01:38 YurMomz_AHo3 What are your opinions on using psychedelics for Loa

Shrooms can remove our egos, revealing our true selves and raising our vibrations of the trip is positive. Has anyone used psychedelics and then proceeded to meditate on what they want to attract or found that after using psychedelics they’re having a better understanding of how to use Loa?
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2021.11.27 01:38 LowBatteryVibrator 24 [M4F] Looking for long-term dorky pals.

Hey there! I'm looking for a potential long-term friend. We can either have in depth conversations or just check up on each other once in a while. They both would be nice. But a bit about me... I love Korean dramas. I'm looking for some new ones to binge! I also make art and am a pretty dorky guy. I've been getting more into mobile games in free time too as well as reading a lot more. (mainly fiction) If any of those things interest you, send me a message!
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2021.11.27 01:38 Koldonix Just Joined The Zombies With A Billion! Let’s Get It!

I know it ain’t a trillion, but it’s all I could afford. If this meets its promise, it should be enough to see a nice return. Feeling good about this one.
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2021.11.27 01:38 d00bi3destroyer Got my first teddy fresh and i’m in love ❤️❤️

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2021.11.27 01:38 Torontomon2000 Anyone Notice the Loud Heaters on the NovaBus HEVs?

Was a pretty chilly night today when I hopped on one of them to go home, the bus was making a loud humming noise, so loud that you could barely hear stop announcements. I assume this was the heating system of the bus. This sound isn't made when heat is not on.
Does anyone know why they are so loud, is it because the heaters might be electric?
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2021.11.27 01:38 PHOI3OS What rod to buy next? Is umbrella/swimbait combo worth the cost?

I have most of the bases covered. ML and M spinning, M, MHx2 and H casting. Is it worth the money to invest in heavy gear to throw a-rigs and swimbait in Northern Cali? I mostly fish calm fresh water but occasionally go out to the delta for stripers. Any advice is appreciated.
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2021.11.27 01:38 Riposte12 Snowy/Icy windows?

So I have recently upgraded into a large home and while I don't know if I will be able to win the lottery for an Ishgard plot (though goodness knows I'll try) I want to put a little slice of the cold where I have it now.
I've seen interior window styles that can mimic rain really well, is there anything that can do the same for snow and ice?
Also any general good ideas for an Ishgardian manor feel on the inside are welcome!
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2021.11.27 01:38 Gunns77 Red Eared Slider Seems to have somekind of growth on EyeLid

My turtle seems to have developed some kind of growth on his eyelid since 2-3 days. Any ideas on what it could be and possible treatments. He is active and is also having his food but i am concerned regarding the development since it is near his eye. Any help would be greatly appreciated !
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2021.11.27 01:38 Different-Fondant126 BEST Grand Theft Auto 5 Pictures

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